TAEKWONDO for kids (5 – 8 yrs)

Zentro Academy offers classes for children from as early as 5 years of age. Children are provided with highly supervised and structured lessons which are designed to aid self discipline and confidence, while improving coordination and motor skills.

TAEKWONDO for juniors (9 – 12 yrs)

This class is designed to extend students by incorporating sport and the traditional elements of Taekwondo all in one, focusing on fitness, strength and self defence.


Traditional HAPKIDO

Traditional HAPKIDO is practiced purely as a means of self defence. HAPKIDO is a complete and comprehensive Martial Art involving numerous techniques such as kick, strikes, joint lock, throws, sweeps, break falling, pressure point, ground fighting and weapons.

HAPKIDO’s diversity eliminates the need to cross train in other style to enhance self defence skill.