There are lots of fun sports games for kids that don’t require teams or involve lots of equipment. Some of the games below only required a piece of chalk or a rubber ball. Some of the games kids can do on their own or with a large group of other kids. The point is that these games are fun, adaptable to different kids, and skill-building — kids will improve their throwing, catching, and kicking abilities with these games.

Follow the instructions below for easy yet interesting sports games that your kids will enjoy:

Balloon Paddle Ball

Batting balloons around is even more fun with paddles you make yourself. Learn more on this page.

Sidewalk Sports Crossword

Love to talk about sports? You’ll love this sports crossword puzzle that you make up yourself — and write right on the sidewalk. See how to play here.

Kickball Bouncer

Liven up your kickball game by using a tiny bouncy ball.

Tire Toss

Fine-tune your throwing skills with this fun but not-so-easy game.


If you’ve got a crowd of eight and only one basketball, this is the game for you! Learn more here.


Practice and become a pro at all kinds of tricks with a bouncy ball. Find out more about this fun game.

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