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Our core values

DSC_6198 Fully Accredited Faculty
Our skilled, caring teachers are well trained and receive ongoing development .
ASK_4007 Healthy Meals
Meals are cooked daily at a central kitchen using fresh, local ingredients. Dishes are flavoursome and packed with nutrients!
DSC_6056 Children Safety
Child safety is a top priority at Aakash English Medium School. Parents get 24 hour CCTV access to their children.
DSC_6090 Good Environment
We are fully committed to creating a child safe environment and helping each child reach their full potential.

Akash English Medium School

The philosophy of Akash English Medium School, at Lohgaon has always been about meeting the needs of a child. Our school believes in providing a stimulating and purposeful learning environment. In this digital revolution, the concept of education is making a drastic change with a brilliant barrage of information, entertainment, companionship, and education available on the internet. So apart from just classrooms subjects, we also offer optional extra-curricular activity program every Wednesday like- dance, cricket, basketball, football, kickboxing, etc. which can give your child a break from classroom work and focus on other important fields too.

In short, Akash English Medium School put effort into the young minds to help them reach the milestone through our innovative and novel ideas.


From Management Desk

Rajendra Waghmare
(Precident And Founder Directior)

Balika Waghmare